Baker’s Falls

Baker’s Falls is one of the most eye-catching places for visitors to Horton Plains. It is situated three kilometres away from the Far inn information centre which is at the entrance to the National park. the foot path to the Baker’s Falls lies through the misty,cold,and grassy plains across narrow brooks.the barefoot walk gives a real delight  when the feet touch the cold grass and water. the 20 metre wild waterfall plunges over a wild rock into a gorge of beautiful wild flowers. It’s so spectacular that you don’t feel like leaving it. sitting on a rock with your feet in the icy cold water you can wash away your weariness. the splendid scene combined with the sound of the waterfall refreshes you and will remain in your memory forever.                                                                                                                             It was sir samuel Baker who found this waterfall. He was an avidhunter and an adventurous farmer who resided on the island from 1847 to 1855. while exploring the hutting grounds he found the waterfall and had stopped frequently there ever after. It has been named Baker’s Falls after him.

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